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Psychology is about understanding and changing people, whether you are an individual, couples, children or corporate organisation. We help you to change to be more successful. We help you to understand your unconstructive or unproductive patterns of behaviour, thinking and emotions and replace them with more productive and successful patterns of behaviour.

Panel of Psychologists

Centre for Sexual Enrichment & Therapy
The Centre of Excellence for Sexual Fulfillment

Sexual enrichment programmes and sex therapy are provided by psychologist and sex therapist to help couples enjoy more fulfilling sex life and relationship.
Professional consultation available at LoveLife™ by our team of sex therapists and psychologists include couple sexual problems such as :

For Men: Impotence, premature ejaculation, retarded erection.
For Women: Lack of sexual arousal, fear of vaginal pain during intercourse, problem achieving orgasm
For Men & Women: Lack of desire & intimacy, unusual sexual behaviors and interests.
Areas of consultation include: Problems with sexual desire and intimacy, premature ejaculation, lack of sexual arousal, intercourse difficulties, orgasm difficulties, impotence or erectile dysfunction, unusual sexual habits, behaviors & interests, couple sexual compatibility tests, sexual attitude and interest tests, erectile and sexual dysfunction tests.


Sexual Desire Intimacy Behaviors & Interests
Premature Ejaculation Erectile Dysfunction
Lack Of Sexual Arousal Impotence
Intercourse Difficulties Orgasm Difficulties


Couple Sexual Compatibility Tests Sexual Interest Tests
Sexual Attitude Erectile and Sexual Dysfunction

Developing Successful Thinking, Emotion & Behaviour

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